Yōko Matcha is Miami's first specialty Matcha brand focusing on serving matcha tea drinks and food items that fuse Japanese and Miami Latin flavors.



Chié grew up in Madrid, Spain and Tokyo, Japan. She epitomizes the juxtaposition of "East meets West" that Yōko Matcha embodies. Her love for matcha was the catalyst for Yōko Matcha, something she decided to bring to life after relocating to Miami.

the   inspiration 
behind  yoko  matcha

The inspiration behind Yōko Matcha is Yōko Dambara — Chié Dambara's grandmother. Matcha is traditionally consumed in a Tea Ceremony in Japan, a cultural activity involving the ceremonial preparation and presentation of matcha, a powdered green tea. Taking an interest in this traditional ritual, Yōko started practicing this as a hobby at the age of 14. In her 60's, Yōko eventually became a master Sensei of the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony.


Today, Yōko Matcha is brought to Miami with the inspiration of Yōko in mind, fusing the tradition of matcha with local culture, and promoting the many health benefits of drinking matcha to the public.